Queen of the Dark

QueenOfTheDarkFinishedPart IV of the Demons of Dreams Saga

Did you sleep well last night? Did you dream? Did you have another nightmare again? The demons of dreams are everywhere and there is no escaping them if you’re on their list. No one can!

What can you expect if you become a pawn of higher powers?
What can you expect if you break their rules?
What can you expect if you intrude into their world for too long?

Don’t venture too far into areas that are not of this world and which you don‘t understand! It could result in your own death.

Morris makes a serious mistake when he overestimates his own limits and possibilities and places not only himself in grave danger.


available on Amazon, Paperback    http://amzn.to/VELefD

and E-book http://amzn.to/12iupMH




~ by lillymlove on December 22, 2012.

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