The end of the world?

A strange dream recently visited me. Was it a premonition or some kind of a vision, especially since we speak of the end of days on December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, or is it just a trick of the demons of dreams? Many have been preparing for this special day by having bunkers built below ground, some kind of ark standing in the garden, stocking their supply storage to the ceiling and are probably looking every day to the sky, searching for meteorites or other objects that are rushing towards earth triggering the long-awaited disaster.

I personally don’t believe it and feel relaxed. However, my soul has perhaps had some other thoughts regarding this event. So, here is what it had to say.

It was evening or at night because it was quite dark outside. I stood in a black boat that looked like a military type vessel. There were quite a few like that moored to the pier waiting to depart. Passengers flocked from all sides to the dock.

The waves were quite restless and the ship was tossed around on the water like a toy. Swaying, I held on to the railing because there was no turning back. It was completely out of the question since the people were getting ready to leave for their unknown destinations. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have set foot on that thing. However, I still didn’t know why I was here. I just followed everyone. Finally we shoved off and headed for the middle of the wide waterway while the others followed suit and lined up behind us on the river that led to the open sea.

Suddenly, a man pointed upward to the sky in panic. Unlike him, I felt no fear. I was mainly fascinated by the colorful spectacle that took place above us. There were pink, green, blue and red flashes of light lighting up the night sky like fireworks. And then I saw it. There were hundreds of small flying objects cruising around up there. I suddenly realized what the reason for this trip was and understood that their intentions weren’t friendly and it would be the end of our existence, nevertheless, I remained calm and relaxed.

It was a cool dream. Too bad I didn’t see where this journey led. Who knows, maybe to the underwater city that the Japanese are building right now?

~ by lillymlove on December 23, 2012.

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