About me, BIO


A while ago, I was born as an Aquarius in February.

I think because of diverse ancestral roots in my blood, I feel that nowhere really is home. My whole life I travelled from city to city, from country to country. I am still searching.

My parents divorced when I was two. I grew up with my father. One part of the family is blessed with artistic skills: musicians, dancers and actors.

The other part – pure intellectual: lawyers, doctors and notaries.

As far as I know I am the first writer in the line.

I have now been, for the past eleven years, on a writing trip in a serious way. I started with scripts and later on with mystery thrillers. I was published by an editorial, which I learned doesn´t mean you are in good hands.  There was a big communication issue – today, I think it was the main fault of my agent – and after the second published book I canceled the contract and took the hard road, publishing the third on my own. I wrote a new urban-fantasy romance script and while working on that another idea popped in: the series I am writing at right now.  The Demon of Dreams Saga

I never sat over a blank page. Writing flows out of my hand. I have so many ideas that I would need a bunch of ghostwriters to write everything down. I love to invent people, create their past and their destiny. Sure, sometimes I lean on reality. When I write, I have scenes, a kind of movie in front of me. The faces of my protagonists are actors I would cast.

I don´t drink or smoke: I am boring. But my imagination is not.

I believe in a spirit world and in an afterlife. I believe we all have a special task on earth we have to fulfill. Sometimes it´s difficult to figure out what it could be. It´s foggy, but I think I know.

I don´t have favorite things in my life. No movies, no books. I love good comedies and good horror or suspense, where your hairs stand upright and a cold chill runs down your spine. In short: I love everything that really distracts me for a while from reality.

My favorite colors are:  Black; it shows the dark side of my soul. White; it stands for pureness and peace, and red – the color of blood.

What makes me sad?

It breaks my heart seeing animals suffer. I wish people in the world would finally learn to have respect for them. They have a soul, they have feelings, they are thankful and the best friend you can have. I hate people who torture or chase animals just for fun. At that moment I really feel hate and I could turn to a killer. I would love to protect all these beautiful creatures from a cruel death in slaughter houses and research centers. There are human rights, but no animal rights. Shame on you! There are so many criminals out there who don’t respect life. Take them for research and we would have faster results.

What makes me happy?

Having real friends, seeing love and harmony.

Lilly M. Love



~ by lillymlove on January 5, 2013.

6 Responses to “About me, BIO”

  1. Lilly, you sound like an amazing person. I also hate the idea of animals and sweet creatures suffering. I like most animals better than people so I don’t understand how people could be mean to sweet, innocent things. I don’t drink or smoke either. That’s good! I also believe in an afterlife. A very sweet and beautiful one. So glad I found your blog. Thanks for following mine. 🙂

  2. Hi Lilly my love! It’s interesting to meat people who traveled all their lives and still do. I like to say that I went at least twice around the globe on account my fathers job in the embassies of my country! We already ‘know’ each other so this would be a natural continuation of our I dare say friendship. Love, Milan

    • Hi Milan, that´s so nice of you. Wow, yes kids with father working in embassies are travelling a lot. I knew some from the international school. But I think it´s not so easy and a part of your soul always stays somewhere and is lost here and there. It´s tough.
      So a huge hug Lilly

  3. I am the only writer in my family as well, so am the Go-To girl for specialized sayings, greeting cards, poems and the like for when they want to give a gift. It’s lovely to meet a Kindred Spirit who understands the need to write, has the passion to fulfill that need and is the courage to stay accept the Journey. May all your words be diamonds- shinning, special and true. 🙂

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