My personal paranormal story.

Creepiness that gives goose bumps. Last moments.

The other day I fell asleep next to my son and when I woke up lying on my side a little later, I had the strangest feeling that someone was spooning me. He held on so tight that I panicked and could only hear my own thundering heartbeat in the dead of night. I wanted to scream and fight back, but I was unable. Paralyzed, no sound erupted from my throat. It reminded me a little of some other occasions from a few years ago, when I woke up at night, couldn’t move and it felt like a net-like creation was tied over the top of me.

However, this time it was different and I had an idea as to what happened.

Shortly before, my younger brother (the second) had died. He died alone and lay for four days in his attic apartment in the middle of summer without someone noticing. The night he died, something startled me and I ended up wandering through the house in the middle of the night and saw some kind of fine rain of stars by the stairs. It was hardly recognizable and at first I thought that I had imagined it, but when my mother called me four days later and told me about the tragedy, I was sure he came to me that night.

I dreamt of him two more times. His skin fell off in bluish-black patches, which of course was because I had been told of the condition he was found. He was bloated beyond recognition. In my dream, he himself was shocked by his death.

Weeks later, my neighbor had a deadly accident on his newly purchased motorcycle. He was a pretty nasty guy with whom I had quarreled often because of our dog. Where there was previously kindness and respect, it suddenly turned into hatred and contempt.

Two days after his death he suddenly stood in my bedroom during the night, pushed me into a corner, tore at my Mickey Mouse nightgown and cursed me viciously. I was really scared, I’m not a ghost hunter or otherwise, I have no ability to see or talk to the dead. And then it happened: My brother suddenly stood there. He had come to protect me from this impossible man, who was not even able to find peace in death. He pulled me away from him and told him to go to hell.

Since that night, I have neither seen my neighbor nor my brother again. Not even in any of my dreams.

They rest in peace.

~ by lillymlove on January 11, 2013.

7 Responses to “My personal paranormal story.”

  1. l enjoy the story n l like it :”)

  2. This was great … very great (I’m excited)

  3. Wow. Oh my…goodness. I think I would have peed myself. Did you? I have never had any experience like this, although, most people I know have at least a single story to tell. I wonder why I’ve yet to see or hear anything. Spooky story indeed..but thank heaven (pun intended) your brother was there.

  4. So full of emotion….unforgettable.

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