During sleep we become the producer, spectator and actor all at the same time.

The question is why we dream. What are the dreams doing to us? What is their purpose?

Of course scientists have also answers on this subject, but I think that they are moving on shaky thin ice. Their knowledge is based on presumptions instead of facts because our brain, with its distinctive form and many worm-like coils, only uses about ten percent, if that much at all. In any case, there is no satisfactory or direct insight.

It’s really interesting, don’t you agree? In the meantime, every organ, every bone, every piece of skin, even the highly complicated eye of humans has been thoroughly examined and for each question one finds many insightful explanations. However, when it concerns our brain we run into a brick wall. We can’t explain it, which has its own reason, like everything in life and created by God.

Well, it may be that we process things and search for solutions for solving problems in our sleep, but what good does it do me if I can’t even remember anything afterwards. I hear the answer: … yes, your subconscious has learned and takes over actions in your daily life … that is accepted. There is sometimes a feeling of elation when a dream suddenly comes out its hiding place just because we talk about something or think about a certain person. In one brief moment there is a sequence of events knocking on our backdoor. However, it has never given me an epiphany.

Are they not bizarre worlds which we enter, where we meet people that we have never seen before and are absolutely capable of otherworldly things? Who isn’t familiar with these wonderful dreams where we can fly and from which we wake up with regret because the feeling is indescribable and absolutely fantastic?

I have mentioned it before. Allan Kardec, a French spiritualist in 1804-1869, talked to ghosts and recorded the answers. They explained to him that our soul is on a journey in a dream, finally freed from our heavy and inflexible body, using the time to meet with other known souls and exchange ideas. Isn’t that a wonderful thought, what we are capable of in our sleep? And how presumptuous would it be to think that everything has to take place here, in our world. They say that there are many worlds in between which our soul can visit. Where departed souls, demons and other creatures reside, which we will get to know with certainty at some point when our soul finally sheds its shell and is free.



~ by lillymlove on January 17, 2013.

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