dreams2Surfing through the internet, looking for rare experiences while dreaming, I found some testimonies that are worth looking at more closely. There are a lot of people going through hell during their sleep and trying to find medical reasons for what they are undergoing. I think they won´t find any answers.

Look at this:


…I just have hallucinations that I can feel and hear, but I can´t see anything for which I am grateful. But once I was picked up by this entity, it whispered and threatened me … not long ago it ripped off my blanket … it´s really frightening. I also hear voices, bangs, knockings and steps.


…today was the first night that a subject in my dream ranted and raved through my room. This was really terrible. First, I walked along a back road in my dream when suddenly a small creature appeared on my right and grinned at me. I asked it what it was and it answered that I already knew. I said: “Yes, you are God or the devil”. It nodded and answered that he would absorb me. Hm??? Suddenly I was in my bed and couldn´t move … it started to jump on me and tweaked my arms and legs while screaming ugly things. I felt pain and fear. It was terrible.


…Sometimes something throws me through my room. I cannot scream or defend myself. Sometimes I feel as if someone or something is touching me. Sometimes I leave my body and hover in my room. Sometimes I see a dark entity at my bedside. This all happens almost every night. The odd thing is: it never happens when I´m with other people, only in the nights I sleep alone.

These people were suffering a sleep paralysis while undergoing these frightening night-adventures.

My opinion of this is:

As I have mentioned before: I think we are connected to other worlds while we are asleep. Our mind is open to other energies and this has nothing to do with illnesses. Quite the opposite: those people have a gift and they just don´t know it. They can connect, but the fear they have keeps them from learning or listening.

Sure, it´s easy for someone like me to say. I only had similar experiences a few times in my life, but those people are going through it almost every night. So, I say; people make something out of it! Enjoy the ride and listen to your inner voice. You are experiencing it for a reason. So wake up! No, don´t wake up! Stay there and be aware of your spiritual skills. Just redirect them to the right channel.


~ by lillymlove on January 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “Creepy!”

  1. Very creepy, I used to have a similar dream as #1 when I was a child. There was always an entity pulling the covers off me while I lay in bed. The windows would fly open and the curtains would billow furiously in the wind. Thankfully I don’t have that dream anymore!

    • Oh boy, sounds horrible. Poor girl.
      I remember having the feeling that someone hit me hard on the head. This ´it´ was under my bed, kind of red with a satanic grotesque face. I thought it was my stepmother 🙂 and blamed her.

  2. I remember having dreams like that up until my early adult years. A lot of times it was hard to distinguish between what was a dream and what was real. Mostly it was demonic shapes and figures moving around in my room, so most like scenario 2.

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