The original idea


How did the story for Demons of Dreams Saga come about? It came in a dream. But…

The original idea for the first book, Meet Me in the Dark, was very different initially. I wanted to have a married woman with a family, dream of a man with whom she has wild sex and of course it eventually filters into her daily life. Her life should be topsy-turvy. I had planned on writing a comedy and also the title shouldn’t sound so gloomy, but anyway… something else emerged: A mix of urban-fantasy, paranormal romance and mystery suspense.

Mysterious and strange, like many have described the saga, we are unsure whether the heroine is sleeping or dreaming. When she receives injuries resulting from actions in her dreams, it starts to become a little spooky. However, if you pay attention, you will soon see some analogies. You have to immerse yourself into the book and use a little imagination. And of course you must love cliffhangers because Meet Me in the Dark is the beginning of the Demons of Dreams Saga and there are some unanswered questions for the reader. But it will go on and will so forever. I have planned on not only five volumes, but more.

Starting with the first book of the series Meet me in the Dark, some may think it´s a story only for women, but it´s definitely not. In the second book, Prince of the Dark, I changed the perspective, which many liked. It´s from Mo´s point of view and might be better suited for men to read. However, I don´t know if you could start with the second book without losing something of the story. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on the subject. In the third, Voices of the Dark, and the sequels, I integrated both perspectives, which I really enjoy. So, form your own opinion and I would love to hear from some men about what they think.

I love mystery, the inexplicable, which is far from any tangible explanations of humankind. Mankind wants to learn and know everything, but we always run into a wall because only a fraction of the brain is used.

How can someone dream of another multiple times and walk around in their imagination? This is only about supernatural forces and who could be better to show us this than the demons of dreams.



~ by lillymlove on January 30, 2013.

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