From being published to self-publisher

BooksYes, it´s a hard and an uneven path and yes it´s a lot more work. Not only the story, but the plot is now your responsibility alone, as well as paying for editing and a grammar check, unless you have smart friends that’ll do it for free. Then comes the cover design, which has to be professional, especially if you want a print version, the formatting of the book and chapters, converting it to an e-book and the right advertising, which is limited if you are not a millionaire.

Publishing four books sequently almost put me in the loony bin.  And there was a time I said to myself: Okay this time you underestimated the work and you will never write again, not one book.

Now, only one month later I think differently and the addiction is back. And… the most important thing is … there are a lot of angels out there. I already have a bunch of fans that are eager to know what´s going on with the Demons of Dreams saga, with Leia, with Yven and all the characters who are involved in the story. This support is un-repayable. Thank you so much. I won´t disappoint you.

I will come to a sensitive topic. Twitter.

First of all, I am a newcomer and had to learn to manage Twitter, which I never wanted to do. I am glad I did it because I really met a lot of wonderful people here. But what really annoyed me initially and still does is: I read every two seconds: Bestselling author: buy my book, buy my book, buy my book, buy my book, buy my book … OMG this sucks and for me, a reason I would never buy those books. NEVER EVER!

It casts a shadow on us, on us the self-publisher. It looks so desperate and completely selfish.

I wish authors would use more subtle ways to promote their books?  Sure, it´s hard for a self-publisher to get the attention of potential readers, but I´m sure you can do it differently.

Recently I bought a book from an Indie author to show my interest in him and his works. When I told him that I was reading it right now I got following answer: Great. You know where to find my others. Hm…Do you think I´m going to buy his other works??

It´s a give and take, not just take!! So help each other.

Speaking of that, I´m on the next topic. Book Bloggers.

With Amanda Hocking, book bloggers became famous. So I know every author tries to get their attention. I wrote to a minimum 30 bloggers asking for a review and got five answers. Amazing! Three Yes, two No.  Clear and short answers are fine for me. What´s not fine for me and utterly baffles me is that a lot of them act like celebrities. They cannot even give a writer a YES or NO answer.  It´s not too much to ask for a little respect, don´t you think. In my childhood I was taught to answer any question. And without the millions of storytellers they wouldn´t have anything to read or write about.

I am honest, I would even pay for their services, but under their holy shell they won´t accept money. Why not? They are spending their time reading books and writing a short essay about it. This takes time and time is money. This should be paid.  Don´t you agree?

I wanted to take this opportunity to mention some very special people here that I met during my journey on the Internet and say thank you for the reviews you made and the interviews you posted. THANK YOU! Also a special thanks to a few Blogger ladies that were extraordinarily kind and answered me!! You know who you are, right? THANK YOU!!!

Here are some links with interviews and reviews.


~ by lillymlove on February 16, 2013.

6 Responses to “From being published to self-publisher”

  1. This comforted me. Thanks for sharing
    your experience. I, too, have moments of doubt and discouragement. Yet, something in me keeps saying, “keep going, don’t give up.”

  2. You’re so right about all the work involved being an indie author – it’s enormous doing everything on your own. I’m still sitting on the fence deciding which direction to go as my first novel is about to go out. Read the excerpt from, Meet Me In The Dark. It had me hooked from the start and i intend reading the whole thing.

  3. From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of publishing a book. I am an avid reader, so I understand the difference a single tome can make in a life. I haven’t accomplished that dream yet, but at least I am writing every day. Keep on writing. Keep on feeding your addiction. Your support of others will come back to you. A rising tide raises all ships.

    • Hi Wendy, nicely said.
      yes keep on writing! Even if it is hard sometimes, because you ask yourself. What for??? Why spending the time with creating stories, characters etc.? It takes a lot of time, energy and keeps you from doing other beautiful things.
      So I wish you all the best and immense luck.:-)

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