Being one with the Universe

imagesWe sleep away a third of our lives, about 200,000 hours, providing that we don’t die prematurely. Sleep is an important part of our health. Who doesn’t sleep or dream becomes ill, so they say.

While we are asleep we pass through a door into another time, another dimension, into a different world where we are separated from everything earthly and one would almost like to assert that through this detachment we possess an altered intelligence. We are more farsighted and evolved because we allow things to happen that we deny and ignore in our conscious state of mind. Here, in our sleep, we encounter our own inabilities, our weaknesses, as well as our fears and have to face them.

The Greeks illustrated sleep and death through the brothers Hypnos and Thanatos and dreams of course through Oneiros. Demos Oneiros is the land of dreams. Accordingly, in Roman mythology, the Oneiroi are called Somnia.

The Greek poet, Ovid, also wrote in his important works of antiquity about the three brothers, Morpheus, Phobetor (also called, Ikelos) and Phantasos, who are the three dream demons, sons of the god of dreams. Morpheus is the most powerful amongst them and can transform into any desired shape and appears in dreams as a human being. His bed is made of ivory, located in a dark cave. In some mythical worlds he was additionally worshiped as the god of falling asleep. Ikelos (as he is called by the gods, Phobetor by the people), however, can turn into wild animals and roams like this through dreams, while Phantasos represents the soulless, water, stones and nature.

Now, the mighty god of dreams, ruler of all demons of dreams, has sired many, many sons that visit us in our dreams and thus some have hereby fallen in love with a mortal. The question is; what happened to the female offspring? That and much more, you will learn in “Light of the Dark”, the fifth sequel of the demons of dream saga.


~ by lillymlove on February 27, 2013.

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