Excerpt: Voices of the Dark, VOLUME III

I come home from a nighttime excursion with a few bruises and scrapes

Again, this seems all too familiar.

 It happens quite often that I’m not in my bed at night. I’m not sleepwalking, but travel with Sy. There’s nothing better than to be near him.

My mother starts asking stupid questions. Apparently she also listens at my door, which I always keep locked. Especially when Sy spoils me with his wonderful talent, I do not want any surprises or to be disturbed.

One day a strange man is sitting at our dining table trying to get information out of me. As it turns out, he is a priest. I cannot believe it. My mother thinks I’m possessed. That’s a hoot.

The entries for the next few days are missing. I rifle through the loose pages but they are of different dates. Her notes continue just about ten days later.

I am home once more. They have tortured me for one week trying to exorcize the devil or the demon that possessed me. In order to do this they have tied me down naked on the bed with my legs spread so that the devil had unhindered access. After this they waited and prayed. First there were three of them, then only two, and in between I always heard my mother’s shrill voice quoting what Sy had told me during our intimate hours. I hate her.

Four days later they alternated in shifts with their damn crossings of themselves and prayers. Every day and night. Then during the last night the unexpected happened. Since I was under constant observation and so exposed, I could only get a little bit of sleep and watched as the younger priest, who already eyed me strangely the entire time, suddenly pulls his robe over his head.

I can still see his grinning face above me, feel him squeezing my mouth shut with his sweaty hand and then he thrusts into me while citing Our Lord’s Prayer.


Available on Amazon, Paperback   http://amzn.to/UN14FT

and E-book http://amzn.to/WHXuKH



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