Excerpt: Queen of the Dark , Vol. 4

Isabella’s energetic steps echoed off the bluish shimmering granite-walls. Her inner turmoil pulsated in the stone and it appeared to be throbbing–sometimes brighter, sometimes dimmer. Where was Darian? He was long overdue in reporting. She let out a scream of frustration that made the walls glow. It was only temporary relief because once again she immediately felt as if something didn’t go according to the plan. She hated nothing more than being out of control.

Darian had already failed miserably several times in trying to send that Leia woman into the eternal abyss. She had brought misfortune to all her sons, be it directly or indirectly. When Leia had the chance to devote herself to her youngest, sensitive son Yven, she had not taken it. As a caring mother she would have turned a blind eye, but Leia continued throwing herself around Morris’s neck, messing with her eldest’s mind. Those who didn’t want to listen had to bear the consequences.

Besides, everything else was also completely unacceptable. She was dissatisfied, unhappy and had imagined her existence here truly differently. Very differently.

Isabella thought that Sy would belong entirely to her when she took the last step. A great fallacy as it now turned out to be. He had given her a choice: redemption by taking on a new body eventually or to be with him for all eternity. Not hesitating for a moment she had voted for him. She was always faithful to her great and true love, the man without whom she couldn’t imagine life or death. Therefore she had planned on committing suicide and had ensured that she was alone in the Newport house that weekend. Her body had decomposed quickly in the heat and although Morris had felt a little suspicious, he nevertheless remained silent and theorized her passing had been due to a virus.

Furthermore, she abhorred the idea of having to start a new life. Isabella had loved her life. The only advantage in being dead was that she could choose her appearance, to be young and beautiful again, just as she had looked in her late twenties and not to age a single day. Regardless, what good did timeless beauty do for her when she was trapped in this dark prison where no one would see her anyway? How much she missed her extravagant gatherings, the parties, the sun, the sea, the light, the delights and it greatly pained her that Sy wasn’t with her. She longed for his touch and physical love with him.

Isabella had always known that she was not Sy’s only woman, but the sheer amount of his female followers from around the world was even beyond her grasp. As far as she knew, there were at least one hundred women here who had decided to live in the intermediate world, the realm of demons and the dead, to be near their lover, Sy. And every single one of them was of exceptional beauty and grace. So, she wasn’t even extraordinarily special anymore, which she had always thought of herself when living in the earthly realm. Isabella sobbed and wiped the dark tears from her cheek.

Alarmingly, the only thing halfway satisfying her currently was to bring death to others. She remembered something else, that bitch Lilith was running around completely out of control and rather than focusing on her task, she was absorbed in her own agenda. Isabella thought that she could control her; however, she became quite independent, which could be attributed due to the fact that her soul was inherently demonic in character and difficult to tame. She would have to punish her for her miserable failure.

There was a knock on the door and an Asian woman poked her head in. “Isabella?”


“My name is Manu. I wanted to ask if you feel like accompanying us on a hunt.”

Isabella stepped into one of the openings of her realm and looked down upon the creatures far below her, those who had to suffer their own torment day in and day out in order to find redemption one day. At least they would at some point be freed from this hell.

A few torchbearers passed through the gate looking for a couple of black souls for the upcoming hunt. She had never once attended this event since she initially found it tasteless, although boredom caused her to be intrigued. “I’m coming.” ….

copyright by Lilly M. Love


available on Amazon, Paperback    http://amzn.to/VELefD

and E-book http://amzn.to/12iupMH

~ by lillymlove on May 30, 2013.

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