I would love to hear your opinion

Yet, I am still insecure if I should merge part ONE and TWO. What do you think?

In an interview somebody asked me a good question:

1. Between your first two books, you switched perspectives (and target gender audience); what were some big differences writing for Leia or Mo? (correct me if I got anything wrong)

Writing for Leia was a lot of fun. It was the first time for me writing in first-person perspective and I really loved it. It flowed unbelievable. Sure, the style is automatically different, sometimes a little bit more cheeky than writing in the third person point of view Morris. You can say I wrote two different stories which sometimes meet in some scenes. And as many people said, it´s amazing, because it´s not boring at all.

Many times I thought to merge both books, but honestly it would destroy the mystery, which the first has.

2.Follow up: you said Prince of the Dark was more suited for men than Meet Me in the Dark; what makes you say that?

I got a nice review for the first book from a woman. She said. Awesome!!! Sex and the City meets fantasy…it´s all said with that, I think.

The first book has here and there some typical female problems in there, clothing, shoes, envy between women, falling in love quickly, being attracted by handsome men and weird dreams.

A lot of women deny not being attracted by physical beauty, they feel superficial. Sure, it´s not the most important thing, but … we should be honest, first of all one is attracted by the way a person looks like. Man or woman that doesn´t matter.

The second is written from the point of view of the demon of dreams Morris Eltringham and shows his problems with his addicted human wife, his job and his evil brother Payton. I think it clears up a lot of question from the first.

Okay, this is my personal opinion, but don´t forget an author often doesn´t see the forest for the trees. I know men thinking differently and some said…Noooo, I loved the first too.

To everyone who have read Part ONE and TWO…I would appreciate hearing from you what you think.


~ by lillymlove on March 24, 2013.

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