3rd Riddle in April

Sorry, I was so busy with my fifth book Light of the Dark  that´s why  the March Riddle did not take place.


But here we go: This time it´s a hangman riddle. And again you can win one of four books (your choice) of the Demon of Dreams series.

EASY!!! so start sending me letters! One by one!! sending them them to: lillym.love80@gmail.com or on Twitter

Someone gave me an A. E. N, T,

W h a t      h a p p e n s      w h e n       a        d e m o n       o f       d r e a m s        n o t

o n l y            s n e a k       i n t o       y o u r       d r e a m,

b u t       i n t o         y o u r         h e a r t ?


SOLVED. On Facebook you can see the winner.

~ by lillymlove on April 1, 2013.

One Response to “3rd Riddle in April”

  1. “What happens when a demon of dreams not only…”

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